Disc Golf starts with a very simple concept. Throw the disc into the basket!
Once you move beyond that first step, there is no limit to where your Disc Golf journey can go.
Scroll down for a basic introduction to the game...



Disc Golf is played with flying discs (or Frisbees). One disc is all you need to get started but, once you gain confidence, you may want to grow your collection with different discs to play different shots.
Drivers - for long distance throws
Midrange - for shorter throws with increased control
Putters - Fine control for short throws to the basket


Each Disc Golf Hole starts at the Tee. This may be anything from a line marked on grass, to a purpose built structure.
Tees will usually have a map of the hole to show where the basket is located.
Your first throw from the Tee is called the Drive.
The drive is a chance to greatly reduce your distance to the basket.



All of the ground between the Tee and the Basket is called the Fairway.
Each time you throw, the next shot should be taken from the spot directly behind where your disc landed.
Trees, bushes, streams and any other stationary object are part of the course and should be avoided if possible.


Each hole in Disc Golf ends at the Basket.
The basket is normally mounted on a pole with an arrangement of chains above to catch the disc in flight and direct it to the basket below.
The aim is to get your disc into the basket in as few throws as possible.
The final short throws into the basket are called Putts.


It really is that simple to get started with Disc Golf.
Search online or email us to find a course or club local to you.
With new courses being established across the UK, there will soon be many more places to invite your friends or Family and introduce them to Disc Golf too!